5 Profitable Services To Sell On Fiverr

Fiverr is currently the 450th most popular website in the world.Based in Israel, it was designed to provide a “marketplace” through which people are able to buy-and-sell small services (originally for $5 each) – which have now grown into one of the most prolific business-service platforms on the Internet.The beauty of the system lies in its ability to encourage sellers to create interesting / unique “gigs” that other people can buy. The breadth and depth of knowledge available through the system is profound, and certainly unique. This is the core of what made it successful in its founding year of 2010. By 2012, it had over 3 million listings on the site.This tutorial is going to examine the most popular / profitable listings to sell on the system. Whilst the quality of a service is by far the most effective way to achieve notoriety on the system, what you offer and how you offer it is also extremely important… particularly if you don’t have any previous marketing / sales experience.The core thing to appreciate is that if you’re looking at sell your services, they need to have an underlying business benefit (typically money-related).For example, if you write articles – you need to position your service to benefit a particular type of business (financial / medical / fitness etc). The key “selling point” will be that your articles are backed by an expertise which not only boosts the business’ underlying value, but encourages the growth and adoption of new buyers into the business’ ecosystem.To this end, when you consider the listed services below, you must remember that it’s not the “services” themselves which are important, but the way in which they’re able to provide users with the ability to grow their business.Whilst luck plays a massive role (getting “ranked” on the Fiverr website is of vital importance), and gives people the opportunity to determine exactly what they’re getting for the money. If you’re able to provide a good service, and present it in a way which encourages users to adopt it for their business, you’ll typically start to get decent orders regardless of what you’re offering.What’s popular?

Business Copywriting

This includes “articles”, “sales copy”, “about pages” and web content in general. There are MANY non-native English speakers who are not 100% confident writing for an International audience.

The most important thing to understand about “copywriting” is that you firstly need to be able to write lucid copy. Whilst this is a skill that can definitely be honed, it’s almost always borne through talent.

To this end, if you do have an affinity for it – you need to “scope” your copywriting service around a particular company/business/service specifically. For example, SPXMAC (one of the most popular accounts on the platform) provide AMAZON copywriting services (for product listings).

By positioning your product/service in a very specific way (like the above), you’re basically able to provide a service which is extremely specific and able to provide your customers / users with the ability to determine exactly what they’re getting in terms of a benefit.

Graphic Design

The human brain thinks in images; thus the ability to create “graphics” is by far one of the most vital elements of the modern world.

For this reason, Graphic Design on Fiverr is one of the most popular services on the system. The trick with this is to be able to deliver lucid imagery (it doesn’t matter “how” you design them – so long as they look sublime).

Book covers are a perennial best seller, but other things such as “article cover art” and other things are also popular. Again, the most important thing with this is that you’re able to *show* users what you’re doing. The best way to “sell” graphics is to show them.


EVERY website and publication requires expert-level content to be provided. If you’re able to provide this, it could be a good second income for you.

The important thing that needs to be stressed here is that the content you deliver NEEDS to be expert-level. If it’s finance, you need several years’ experience in the market. If you’re providing medicinal content, you actually need the experience / qualifications pertaining to that market.

The key thing with articles is to treat yourself as a contributor to someone’s website. Don’t just write drivel. Write expertly, professionally and ALWAYS over-deliver on the level & length of the content, and – most importantly – offer the content from the perspective of being an EXPERT on a topic.

Again, the thing that people are buying generally has nothing to do with the “product” itself, but the underlying reason why it’s going to make them money. To this end, you need to be able to showcase yourself effectively by explaining how you’ve provided your expert knowledge in the past.

Video Editing

YouTube and other video websites have simply proven the video killed the Radio star. In other words, if you’re able to provide an effective “voice”, “face” or “title effects” for corporate videos, you should be able to make a decent income from Fiverr.

Again, people aren’t buying the fact you can make pretty videos. What they want to know is how that is actually going to improve their conversion on their website.

The way you position yourself as a video editor is basically by showing what you’ve done before. This means that if you have the ability to provide users with access to truly amazing videos, and are able to position them for a specific purpose / benefit, you’ll start to get orders quite quickly.

SEO / Social Media Management

SEO might have lost its appeal to “social media marketing”, but the idea still persists – businesses everywhere crave attention & audience online.

How they get this audience is dependent on different elements, but the core of it is that if you have a strong SEO / Social Media strategy in place, they should be able to amplify their business’ results.

There are many successful “social media” or “SEO” providers on Fiverr.

However, the most important thing to realize about them is they ALL provide results. If its SEO, you need to be able to show which pages / sites you’ve ranked for which keywords. Social is basically about getting followers & engagement.

The trick with this stuff is to name your service / create your gigs around the “method” you use to achieve said results. For example, if you use.EDU links to get SEO ranks, you may wish to create a gig called “I will get REAL.edu links for your website or blog” – providing users with different “numbers” of.edu links (5 / 10 / 20) for different prices.

The most important thing to realize with all of this is that if you’re looking to offer a service on Fiverr, you basically have to be able to identify any of the sets of experience you have – and essentially “package” them in a particular way. The level at which you do this generally determines how successful you’ll be in the long run.

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Learn Digital Photography – 5 Keys to Creative Photography

Every photographer wants to be more creative in their photography. You’ve spent a lot of money on a great digital camera and yet your photos don’t look like those in the books and magazines. How do you create photos that look stunning? Here are five keys to get you more creative.1. Get to know your cameraThe most important thing you need to learn in any hobby or profession is how to use the tools of the trade. Getting to know your camera properly is essential to becoming more creative in your photography. And you heard me correctly, photography and not digital photography. Photography hasn’t changed. You might use digital instead of film but it is still the art of photography. Knowing all the functions of your camera, especially the use of aperture, shutter speed and ISO is fundamental to becoming a more creative photographer.2. Use your brainA creative photographer is a thinking photographer. Take your time and think before shooting a subject. Resist the temptation to press the shutter button and consider what you are about to do. The film photographer had twenty four or thirty six exposures and needed to be more thoughtful as it was much more expensive than digital. A wasted thoughtless shot cost money.3. The 100 Shots ExerciseOnce you have thought about your shot it’s time to be creative. We can be very single dimensional in our thinking and this limits our creative ability. There are better ways to shoot a subject than standing right in from of it and firing away. So let’s get creative. Find an object or a subject, look at it carefully and then shoot it in a hundred different ways. Difficult? You bet this seems difficult, but once you get started you’ll find that it gets easier. Try different angles, focus on different parts of the subject, increase or decrease your depth of field or change your white balance. By doing this exercise you will be forced to think beyond your normal viewpoints and find shots that are really creative and different.4. Visualise your final photoSo often we try to shoot an image by pointing the camera and hoping for the best with no idea of what the final shot will look like. Look at your subject without your camera to your eye. Walk around it and think about the final image. What do you want in the photo and what will you exclude? By having a clear idea in your mind’s eye you will not only have something to work towards but also be able to plan your image. Beginning with the end in mind allows you to make adjustments and be more creative as you add to the idea of the final image.5. Practise, practise, practiseAsk any one of my students and they will tell that this point is my personal photographic mantra. There is nothing that can ever replace practise. The sportsman or artist spends hours developing their art, so why not you? Continual shooting and refining will bring you closer to more frequent stunning shots. You will learn what it takes to shoot a great image and be able to repeat it until you are continually shooting really creative photos.Creative photography is not a skill you are born with but one that can be attained by diligence and practise. All of us have it deep within. Don’t let anyone say that it’s for the famous few. Work hard and you will find that before long, you too are a creative photographer. Happy shooting!

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How To Manage Digital Photography Lighting

Photography blends science with art. The photographer is the artist who engraves his creation with light and shade. Science has gifted the artist a technically advanced digital camera for him to captivate life with it. But he must know to decipher the codes of lightAnd, Let There Be Light…Natural light sources like the sun and the moon are considered the best light sources. These lights often invade indoors and make natural shots come alive. Men have created artificial lights like the ordinary bulb, the tungsten halogen lamp or the bright photoflood.There are various types of lighting, the photographer can employ. The most common is the Directional lighting provided by flash, tungsten or several sources and can be used from the front, back or side.Front lighting is the most in vogue but it reveals every detail. The light is at the back of the photographer beaming at the face of the subject highlighting every detail. This often results in an unexciting and flat look of your subjects. Another technique is to mystify your subject by lighting up from side. The main illumination from side adds interest and vigor with presence of dark shadows.In Back lighting the source light remains in the rear of the subject shining in the face of the camera. So, you must be very careful while using this mode otherwise the subject will appear like a silhouette. The main advantage here is, you will be able to capture the natural expressions of your subject in an outdoor shoot, as he will not squint facing bright light.You can employ Cross lighting where strong directional light comes from both sides. But this method is only suitable for studios with bright flash or tungsten lights.Lighting For Digital PhotographyDigital cameras may offer a wide range of easy lighting modes but there are challenges for the artist in his path to perfection. You must adopt the trial and error method and acquire the knowledge of lighting.Most digital cameras have preset digital photography lighting modes or ‘scenes’ for different lighting situation. There is the indoor mode to click without flash, which is particularly useful in art galleries or museums, the night and portrait mode allows you to take pictures of your subject with a gleaming backdrop at night using a slower shutter speed.The digital cameras provide an automatic setting for white balancing .You can determine the baseline white in your image against which, other colors will be rendered. Your camera may have a histogram to evaluate exposure in different digital photography conditions. Most cameras have various options like daylight, cloudy, tungsten and more.What Is Auxillary Lighting?If you want to create art using light and shadow, the Flash unit alone is not enough. Here, auxiliary lighting comes in. If you decide to shoot portraits or product shots in a studio then auxiliary lighting is not optional but necessary.For great results use head and kicker lights. Flashlights do not generate heat like floods and spots, so are more suited for portraits. Make sure the flash suits your digital camera. If you want to shoot still shots or product shots, continuous tungsten light is the cheapest and best. A range of wattage bulbs and reflectors will help you control the intensity and direction of light too.If you don’t have money you can rent lights. Top studios have various assortments of flash units, flood and spotlights.How to use lightLight is made up of all colors. If seen through a prism it bursts into different colors. You are free to experiment with the rainbow. Artificial lights have their own characteristics. The photographer can utilize different light sources. You can alter white setting for a different effect. Most digital cameras have color setting modes to achieve accuracy of the colors.Direction of light is important in digital photography. People look best in diffused sidelights and backlight produces a halo effect while overhead lighting produces sharp contrast of light and shadows. Strength of light is also an essential factor. You can have placid effect from diffused lighting and sharpness from strong light.Indoor lighting gives you ample scope to shoot nice pictures. You can assemble light as per your choice and can even harness sunlight when it enters your house to soften your image.Outdoor shots are more challenging. It leaves you at the mercy of Mother Nature. While landscape looks good in soft light, the wildlife is captivating with fine details in bright light. So photographers try to capture wildlife just before dusk or before dawn.In digital cameras, you do not need to worry about ISO film speed. Most digital cameras have preset ISO setting. However, experimentation is the perfect way to curb imperfection. So inflame your imagination and hone your skill. You are ready to enter the luminous empire of photography.

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